Management Information Systems

Spring, 2015

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Dr. Peeter Kirs
(My last name rhymes with Pierce; The first name is simply Peter, unless you want to get esoteric (It's Estonian in origin)

Room 203 College of Business Administration
Phone: (915) 747- 7733     E-Mail:     Fax: (915) 747 - 5126

Welcome!! -- Bienvenidos!! -- Καλως Ήρθατε!! -- Willkommen!! -- Vitan!! -- Bienvenue!! -- Tere Tulemast!! -- 歓迎 -- Isten Hozta!! -- Benvenuto!! -- Välkommen!! -- Nameste!! -- مرحبا -- Boa Vinda!! -- 歡迎(光臨) -- Mottakelse!! -- Welcome to CIS3345!!!! ---


Welcome to CIS 3345.  Information Systems is without a doubt one of the most exciting fields you can choose to study.  It is ever-changing and those of you who get bored easily will find a never ending array of topics to keep you interested.  No matter what field you are majoring in, no matter what your personal interests or professional goals are, information systems is vital to everything and provides an important  foundation for any subject.  

The focus of this course  is to help business students learn how to use and manage information technologies in order to revitalize business processes, improve business decision making, and gain competitive advantage. We will place  major emphasis on up-to-date coverage of the essential role of Internet technologies in providing a platform for business, commerce, and collaboration processes among all business stakeholders in today’s networked enterprises and global markets.

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