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(Current Issues in CIS)
Spring 2004

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Dr. Peeter Kirs
(Last name rhymes with Pierce; The first name is simply Peter, unless you want to get esoteric (It's Estonian in origin))

Office: Room 203 College of Business Administration
Phone: (915) 747- 7733     E-Mail: pkirs@utep.edu     Fax: (915) 747 - 5126

Welcome!! -- Bienvenidos!! -- Willkommen!! -- Vitan!! -- Bienvenue!! -- Tere Tulemast!! -- Isten Hozta!! -- Benvenuto!! -- Všlkommen!! -- Nameste!! -- Boa Vinda!! -- Mottakelse!! -- Welcome to CIS4368!!!! ---

Will computers think on their own?  Do they already? Will computers take over as H.A.L. did in 2001 A Space Odyssey, or will monkeys eventually take over as they did in The Planet of the Apes (your choice of versions)?  What exactly is the decision-making capability of a computer system? What is the future of Decision Support Systems (DSS), Expert Systems (ES), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics? Are they really valid options in Business? These are just some of the topics that will be covered in this course. The course is a macro-approach to the world of Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence.

This course is predominantly web-based and all the information that you need is available at this site.  You will not need a book or supplemental materials.  All material is provided through internet links and downloadable files. 

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